Our Story

Aaron Hudson founded BCS, Inc. in 2001 after years of experience in the building services industry. He was determined to better meet the needs of Atlanta-based clients, while making a positive and lasting impact on every life he encountered. His commitment to improving the lives of others is how he measures personal and professional success and this philosophy continues to be the focus of every employee at BCS, Inc.

Most companies have a written statement about their vision, mission and values and BCS, Inc. is no different. But how we define these guiding pillars is based on a short list of “life-philosophies” and Biblical truths we call “The BCS Creed.” With an unwavering commitment to integrity, we focus on achieving and maintaining 100 percent client satisfaction (at any cost) and providing employees with access to “life promotion,” both of which have led to remarkably high retention rates.

We believe that success is not the measure of our increase. Rather, it’s our ability to facilitate increase for others. And with that, BCS, Inc. is a “destination employer.” We approach every new hire with the dedication and commitment to making this company their last job.

Jack Welch once said, “I sincerely believe that 98.8% of all people want to do a good job… it is simply how they are managed (or led) that determines their success.” We believe success or failure is a shared experience on all accounts at all levels, so investing in our employees through continuous learning and a real commitment to work and life balance is at the forefront of all policies.

Aaron Hudson