We are dedicated to making sure that with any level of cleaning you get that you are 100% worry free from COVID-19 in the workplace. We are here to reassure you that your buildings will be kept safe as you either continue to operate or being to reopen for operation during these times. Taking the time to give you as many options and levels of cleaning as you need to fit what you are looking for to fight the pandemic and spread of it in the workplace.

We have the below disinfection system specifically in response to COVID-19. We offer various levels of cleaning from one-time disinfections, to daily disinfection, to customizable Enhanced Cleaning Day Porter Services depending on what your building or suite needs. Along with this we are going above and beyond CDC guidelines with PPE equipment and chemical applications.

  • Level 1Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection – Additional cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas – Handrails, Elevator Buttons, Break room, Light Switches, etc.
  • Level 2Advanced Cleaning & Disinfection – Additional cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas and surfaces – Level 1 & Desktops, Conference Room Tables, Armchairs, etc.
  • Level 3Disinfection for Warehouses & Construction Sites – Full room disinfection of warehouse areas and construction sites – Electrostatic Atomizer Sprayer
  • Level 4Full Room Disinfection & Wipe Down – Commercial Office Disinfection of utilized areas and additional preventative measures – Electrostatic Atomizer Sprayer & Antimicrobial Coating Option
  • Level 5Full/Part Time Enhanced Day Porter Service – Concierge and customized approach for tenant return – Client specific scope of work

Please contact us for information or to get a quote on any of these services.

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